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Welcome to umeshkumar.biz.  We are Buying Agents & Manufacturer Representative for various products from India with Love ! Currently we are dealing with Gems,Textiles, Saffron, Handicrafts and door mats. We ship to all ports and cities by Air, Ship and Post !

We are also providing Gem consultancy, Vedic Astrology consultancy services on www.umeshkumar.net


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Exporters to all ports & cities by Sea, Air and Post


We believe in importance of Quality over Quantity.We source merchandise as per clients requirements and monitor every step for better execution and delivery

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As we source merchandise with out involving wholesalers,trading companies and other intermediaries, client margins are the best which results in high profits with the help of world class experienced team

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Our website is proudly SSL Secured. You can verify this from clicking our site seal logo at the bottom of this page or from the lock sign appearing before https://. the connection between your web browser and our server is secured, so all information handled stays private and secure, proving customer security is the highest priority