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Namaste !! Greetings from India with Love !!!

This is Umeshkumar.U from and We are buying agents and manufacturing representatives for Handicrafts, Saffron, Textiles , Gems and Coir products from india.

We are also providing Gem consultation and Vedic astrology consultations through

Due to administrative reasons we don’t share our whatsapp number in social media. Neither do I respond to Facebook messenger chats.

We create our own branding both for marketing and communications.

So I have created a 1-1 live chat platform in below links for a human touch while communicating with customers and friends. There is no need to share your personal number here while communicating with me.. Email ID MAY be asked and it is only for you to get automatic reply of the chat history. Not for sending you any personal email from my end.




Reply directly to this email ,or go to live !!!!!! Chat with me!!!!

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